Helping Churches Explore their Faith

Membership Classes

Bring your baptism, catechism, confirmation and membership classes to Menno-Hof and learn together how this group strives to follow Jesus in a radical, discipleship kind of way. You can be part of the teaching or have Menno-Hof’s competent staff help you.


“It was a true blessing that we could bring our youth group on Wednesday night for a private tour of Menno-Hof. For some of the 20 or so who came, it was a new experience. It allowed them to connect and reconnect with their history and heritage. The audio-visual presentations helped keep their attention while it communicated the story of our faith and life experiences of many of our fore bearers who chose to radically follow Jesus Christ. It helped several better understand some of the principles and “fences” we choose to put around our faith. Thank you for telling the story of our faith which empowers “us” to make statements of selfless faith in a confusing, complicated, and selfish world.”
- Robert Martz, [Youth] Pastor - Olive Mennonite Church, Elkhart, Indiana

“The Menno-Hof center has been a special field trip experience for our Confirmation Program for many years. In a very interactive format, the Menno-Hof program emphasizes the joint Christian heritage we all share as fellows Christians in our love of Christ.”
Tim Sonnenberg, Pastor - Trinity Lutheran Church, Wauseon, Ohio

Youth Groups

Youth leaders use Menno-Hof to challenge their young people in the ways of Jesus. Young Anabaptists will learn where you came from and what’s expected for life today. Youth of all traditions are equally challenged as they examine their own faith through a different lens.

Small Groups and Sunday School Classes

Use the Menno-Hof experience as wonderful time together. You’ll be surprised how much your group will learn in a 90 minute tour. Menno-Hof has the area’s best-stocked Anabaptist bookstore and the Ten Thousand-Village shop gives our visitors an opportunity to help third world artisans and family businesses.

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