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Many high schools, colleges and seminaries find Menno-Hof an ideal place to bring classes to discover the history of Christianity and how the radical wing of the Reformation (Anabaptism) took shape. Menno-Hof is used by many academic groups to study different disciplines such as history, sociology, religion, and culture. Menno-Hof is much more than a visitor center. It’s a journey into the amazing world of the Anabaptists.

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Want to schedule a tour? Call us at 260-768-4117 or e-mail: info@mennohof.org.


"I was very impressed with my tour of Menno-Hof; it was an excellent summary for the course that I had just completed. It gave you some sense of the intensity of the early Anabaptists and their faith. The suffering of the Anabaptists was difficult to imagine. It seems like much more than a visitor's center to me, more like a ministry or witness of a way to live out God's calling and should shed light on Anabaptism to greatly enrich the experience of Shipshewana to visitors.

A number of my fellow students came to Menno-Hof and gave it great reviews. I was so engrossed in the presentation that it was difficult to leave."

- Caroline Brock —Student - Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary

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